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  • d.p.
    #1 written by d.p.  3 years ago

    ate a cheesesteak at the fin pep rally. best one I ate since I left philly 8 years ago!

  • phil1736
    #2 written by phil1736  3 years ago

    Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it. We hope to see you again at the next food truck rally near you.

  • Jamie
    #3 written by Jamie  2 years ago

    Your truck was recommended to me by another in the business for a catering job. Do you have contact information to further discuss? Look forward to hearing from you!

  • The Philly Grill
    #4 written by The Philly Grill  2 years ago

    Please send me your name and number and I will get in touch to discuss what your needs are.

  • karen
    #5 written by karen  2 years ago

    Are you affiliated with the restaurant that just opened in Lake Worth on Jog?

  • Peter
    #6 written by Peter  2 years ago

    What part of Philly are you guys from…..are you really from Philly?
    Amoroso’s bread…c’mon really. What, is it shipped down here to you?

    I see you have a restaurant opening at Jog & Hypoluxo. Gonna try it out maybe Wednesday. We tried Big Al’s and thought it was just OK.
    Hope yours is really authentic.
    By the way Good Luck.

  • Ciatta
    #7 written by Ciatta  2 years ago

    I work at American Express near 836 on 67th Ave in Miami Lakes. I know my co-workers and I would love to have your truck stop by sometime.

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